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So little did the law trust a woman’s account of rape that some states required that a woman’s accusations be corroborated by independent evidence, a requirement to which no other crime victim was subject.The definition of the crime focused on the woman’s conduct, whether she had resisted “to the utmost;” a simple “no” did not suffice.I understood what it meant to have a defendant’s liberty hanging in the balance, how long terms of imprisonment could wreak havoc on the lives of defendants and their families.I appreciated the stigma of the very accusation, which persists—especially today on the Internet—even if the accused is exonerated.Sexual misconduct impairs a woman’s ability to function as an equal in an academic environment—and by extension menaces all women.Unless a woman is safe, all the other guarantees of equal treatment are irrelevant.I left the bench in 2011 to teach at Harvard Law School, among other things.

By August 2013, the public face of the department’s enforcement efforts was Catherine Lhamon, assistant secretary at the Office for Civil Rights, a zealous advocate, formerly head of impact litigation at Public Counsel, a public interest law firm; before that, she was assistant legal director of the ACLU of Southern California.come to this issue—campus sexual assault—from all sides.This is not because I was a federal judge for 17 years, where “considering all sides” was part of the job definition.Benighted attitudes about rape and skepticism about women victims die hard.It takes only a few celebrated false accusations of rape to turn the clock back.

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