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These discussions are useful for you to learn how to return to good health and maintain that in the years to come.Our approach here is geared up to help you as an individual to get well as soon as possible. My multi disciplinary, integrated approach, analyses your problems and health in detail, and helps you work out effective answers.If you are planning to take treatment as an out patient please book your appointments in advance.For a person to fall ill and not be able to recover means that the body has been damaged to an extent that the normal recuperative mechanisms of the body have failed.To allow each patient the opportunity to have quality time and personal care from the doctor, our in-patient accommodation is restricted to three suites and two single rooms one with air conditioning and one without air conditioning.Treatment is also available on an out-patient basis by prior appointment.

At this clinic, we focus on these ailments, as we have the facilities and expertise to treat these conditions effectively. Hiranandani's treatment approach is both scientific and logical.

Here we aim to help your body heal to a level from where your body's own healing mechanisms take over and allow you to recover.

Patients with complicated problems rarely get the full benefit of the treatment as out-patients.

The treatment at the clinic consists of treatment during formal consultations, unstructured treatment at other times and discussions with you both alone and in groups with other patients.

The treatment also includes a diet tailored to your needs on a daily basis so you receive the optimum nutrition for healing.

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