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-fonzy "Bartlett's Familiar Quotation's" includes it, in the editions that I own.—Kalki I would replace it with Einstein's wording of the equation taken from a recording of him- that would then be a quote.The versions are all translated somewhat differently and have slight revisions.Walter Isaacson I doubt the authenticity of many "quotations" of Einstein that are often provided without a source, including several on the article page, but some of these have circulated for years.As he is, indeed, the first one who said it, and as almost everyone on the planet is familiar with it, and not any other physics formulae (some would not even recognize the simple F = ma out of context) I say give it a pass, and let it stay.

His primary activity was Physics, however, and that is how he ought to be described. I will probably try to add a few, organizing the sourced ones chronologically, and the attributed alphapbetically tonight or tomorrow. Is there an english version of "Die Herrschaft der Dummen ist unüberwindlich, weil es so viele sind und ihre Stimmen genauso zählen wie unsere"?His primary interest was physics, and his published papers were also on physics.There is no evidence that he even tinkered in Math for its own sake.In this sense, and in this sense only, I am a devoutly religious man." -- Einstein, “What I Believe,” originally written in 1930 and recorded for the German League for Human Rights.It was published as “The World as I See It” in Forum and Century, 1930; in Living Philosphies (New York: Simon and Schuster, 1931); in The World As I See It, 1-5; in Ideas and Opinions, 8-11.

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