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It seems to correspond with the Wii U light changing from red to orange (is it updating? ), and the input will automatically change back when the Wii U is done and the light turns back to red.My guess is something related to HDMI-CEC, or the Wii U providing just enough power to the HDMI cable while updating that the switch thinks it's on, or something. Even a way to disable the automatic updating that's causing this would be preferable to always having to plug and unplug the HDMI cable. If there is no way to turn it off on the switch, sounds like you might want to just turn off the background functionality of the Wii U.The site is free so please be nice to the volunteers that help try to keep the place safe.I hope you enjoy your stay here Because of all the spam we have been getting new members will have to be approved now for a while, If u know someone that is signing up let us know so we can get them done faster ----------------------------------------------------------------------- If the chat room says you are banned its probably because you never activated your acct by clicking on the link in the email you got when you first joined, before it didnt matter but we had to tighten things up because of all the spamming going on.JGLDMGKDMSDOEOVMSCMWOQPRYTLSMLFJOMCES KOGJKLMSMIEOPJMLSMVMGKEJSKNMLESSONSJAPQ PEICREATIONJMXLAMFAJFLSMCGJIWLOVEPJFLAMVL WILFEGMLEMFMEPAVBNZLSNVMJDKUITEWJTKDKNV MSNGKDSLJGKDLSJGKLSGRATITUDEWhen you go from being the blue girl in the highest grossing movie of all time to the green girl in the the highest grossing movie of all time 0168 .286A 2.286 145 W Stonks 0.12 made with poor effort When you realized that youve been depressed so long that youve forgotten most of your childhood 2.05 320.320 0 0.300 40 AAO 40 0.890 0.1909.19 10.40 924 1.71 not stonks 3.

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I've got a weird issue, that hopefully somebody can help me out with.

My TV only has one HDMI port, so I've got a few different devices all plugged into an HDMI switch (this one, specifically), which is then plugged into the TV.

Every once in a while, when I'm using one of the other devices (my Chromecast, for instance), the HDMI switch will automatically change to the Wii U input, despite the Wii U being off.

I hardley ever go in there and it always makes me nervous leaving it unattended.

Please use it safely and be respectful to fellow members.

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