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(Advising USCIS of any changes of address is legally required of all immigrants.) But sending USCIS a general change of address doesn’t always result in the agency advising the office that is actually handling your file.In many cases, you need to separately submit change of address notifications to every USCIS office that might be working on your case.The possibility of loss is part of why it’s important to track your case through the system, as described above.But if your file got lost before even having a case number assigned to it, and so you never got a receipt notice even after many weeks or months, it will be harder to track.

Our comments here focus on family-based cases since those are our areas of concentration.

Any immigration application that required you to have fingerprints (or "biometrics") taken will involve those prints being sent to the FBI and other security agencies for a check of your criminal and immigration record.

This can add weeks or months to the process, particularly if you have a common name or an extensive record.

Since processing times vary by Service Center, the first step is to identify the Service Center with jurisdiction over your case.

As of the time of writing, here is a list of Service Center jurisdiction organized by state/territory.

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