Who is pixie acia dating

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My boyfriend at the time bought me an 8.0 for my b-day 3 birthdays ago in July and I never looked back.

I’ll maybe never hang ten or ride a shorty like a boss, but I LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!!

Here I was traveling their beautiful country, experiencing their amazing culture, spending money on all the extra things, and they’re busting their asses in the hottest climates with no AC, water scarcity, some working 2-3 jobs a day.

I was just waltzing in having the best time and then just leaving. I mean, sure we spend money when we travel, but for some places that’s the only way they make their money, so they are hustling so hard just to get home and support their families.

I realized that’s the ultimate gift I could ever give; experience.

I fell in love with the fact that I thought it was going to be easy and I had my ass handed to me in 10minutes.

I'm a sucker for a challenge and haven't stopped doing Yoga since, I'm actually a Yoga teacher now. Just played in the waves with a super sexy boy I was dating at the time (yeah, boy- I was 23).

They have no time, energy or in some cases, awareness that tourism is keeping their economy afloat, but in fact murdering their precious planet.

They don’t have time of beach cleanups, animal rescue etc.

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