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As much as I wanted the possibility of a spin-off to be true, it looks like the brothers and their guardian angel have only one season left to right all of Chuck’s big season-finale wrongs. Jack is dead (but not, like, dead—he’s in the Empty with Death hatching some kind of plan), while Sam, Dean, and Cas are surrounded by Zombies.

In case you forgot, Chuck (aka God) got big mad when his “favorite show” didn’t go the way he expected.

He was eventually caught and sentenced to life imprisonment without the option of parole.

Karla, on the other hand, took a plea deal and got 12 years in prison.

This fact has contributed to their close relationship and the actor often posts about his brother on his social media handles. Karla is a psychological thriller based on the real-life crime of a Canadian couple named Paul and Karla.

If you remember, all the way back in the season 5 finale, “Swan Song,” Chuck famously said, “Nothing ever really ends.” Well, looks like God has changed his tune.He also spent a year in a Tibetan monastery and even interned at the White House in the hopes of making a career in politics.Misha Collins eventually wound up in Hollywood and commenced his acting career in the late 90s.“Welcome to the end,” he said as he brought up swarms of souls from Hell, including at least some of Sam and Dean’s old cases.(one of the longest running TV series in America) comes to an end, it is not only the evil-fighting Winchester brothers that will be missed.

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