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Tamblyn inserted herself into the Twitter debacle between Hammer and Woods by contributing her own narrative, which briefly highlighted the encounter she had with Woods in the open letter published on Teen Vogue's website. 'Even better' he said."Woods addressed Tamblyn's allegations Monday. Actress Katie Aselton echoed Tamblyn's accusations against Woods.

"James Woods tried to pick me and my friend up at a restaurant once," Tamblyn wrote in a tweet Monday. He compared the difference between his alleged situation with Tamblyn to the age gap present in "Call Me By Your Name" after a Twitter user equated the two. Aselton claimed to have experienced a similar encounter with the actor when she was 19."Hell yeah @ambertamblyn! Also at Mel's," Aselton wrote in a tweet Wednesday.

The talented actor sits on an estimated net worth of million.

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In 2000, actress Alexius Thorpe, who was 19 at the time, dated Woods when he was 53. Madison, who was the daughter of Woods' best friends, reportedly began her relationship with the actor when she was she was either 19 or 20 years.The actor made an appearance in 30 plays before heading to the bigger platform.He started his Broadway stint with the American production of ‘Borstal Boy’ in Lyceum Theatre, Manhattan, New York.He married actress Sarah Owens in 1989, however, four months after their wedding, Woods, and Owens who was 26 at the time split on some vague grounds. , which sees a 24-year-old (played by Hammer) romance a 17-year-old student (Timothée Chalamet).

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