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Kate Gosselin is reportedly threatening to subpoena Hailey Glassman, Jon Gosselin's former girlfriend, in her lawsuit against Jon and author Robert Hoffman.The once-happy couple is now embroiled in a multi-million dollar hacking, wiretapping and identity theft case, and Hailey could be the key ... Hailey Glassman, former girlfriend of Jon Gosselin, will be starring on the new season CMT’s reality dating show Sweet Home Alabama. Glassman, will be one of 22 female suitors vying for the heart of Tribble Reese, the runner up from the show’s first season. Suffice it to say, Hailey Glassman was unmoved by Jon Gosselin's apology yesterday, during which he Tweeted a long attempt to "clarify a few things."In exclusive interview with Radar Online, the former girlfriend of the father of eight (who's now dating Ellen Ross) gives us her take on his comments."These reports are absolutely 100 percent false," a source close to the dad of eight tells Us following In Touch's cover story that Gosselin proposed to the 22-year-old while on vacation in St. When it is his turn to be with the kids Kate reluctlently goes to Maryland while Jon has his stay.

The police must agree, at least in part - she's off the hook. Heartwarming to see these mediocre mistresses unite! The Gosselins and Glassmans became close family friends after that. :)"It was Hailey's father, a New York plastic surgeon, who performed Kate's tummy tuck in 2006.Having been cleared in the ransacking of his apartment last winter, Hailey Glassman is taking Jon Gosselin to court over legal fees she says he owes her.Jon accused her of breaking into his Upper West Side pad in N. City, but she was exonerated after a police investigation concluded she was not at fault.

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