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Specialty clinics on-site are audiology, brace and limb, dialysis, nephrology, ultra-violet therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, respiratory therapy, optometry, ophthalmology, oral surgery, regional radiology, and regional laboratory.

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This information is needed to counter recent, severe outbreaks of cambium feeders and defoliators observed around the world, which threaten forest resilience to global warming. Arbellay E, Daniels LD, Chavardès RD, Jarvis I, Stoffel M. Dating of larch bud moth defoliation events in Larix decidua with latewood chronologies and blue intensity. It is hypothesized that insect attack on conifer trees results in significant differences between normal wood formed prior and wound wood formed after the attack. Preliminary results are promising and have shown that variations of tree-ring proxies over time might contribute to differentiating insect scars and fire scars, and increasing detection of defoliation events. I am currently investigating the impacts of wildfires and insect outbreaks on coniferous forests of western North America, including the highly disturbed forests of Interior BC.My research aims to assist forest management and forest conservation. Post Doc Research Insect outbreaks are a major disturbance influencing forest dynamics in many ecosystems and affecting forest productivity worldwide.

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