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So in 2010, at the San Diego Comic-Con, Mark Ruffalo was revealed as the new Bruce Banner.

Ruffalo quickly became a fan favorite, taking the character in a more lovable and lighthearted direction — and according to, Leterrier claimed Ruffalo was his first pick for the film, but Marvel allegedly wanted Norton because he was "more famous." Still, Leterrier believes both actors are fantastic in the role, and as he explained to ), Ruffalo admitted the two never actually sat down and discussed how he should play the character. '" Ruffalo explained, "'and he was all like, 'Man, all's fair in love and war.' And Planet Hulk and World War Hulk.

If you want to understand why Edward Norton and Marvel parted ways, you've got to know a bit about the key players involved.

From paycheck problems to behind-the-scenes struggles, here are the real reasons Edward Norton was fired from the MCU.But who would actually show up to save the world from an alien invasion?Would the Avengers include Edward Norton's Bruce Banner? As Louis Leterrier explained to , he told Kevin Feige that Marvel "should definitely get Edward in the movie" since he was "fantastic and brought so much to [the role]." And according to Leterrier, Feige seemed interested and claimed they were discussing a deal with Norton to have him join the MCU supergroup.According to Leterrier (via , the actor had been "promised tremendous involvement and access" to the final product, but Marvel wasn't too keen on Norton's contributions, as they chopped out many of the scenes he'd written.Flashback sequences that gave Banner more depth were tossed by the wayside, and an opening scene when Norton's character tries to commit suicide was left on the cutting room floor.

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