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The musician is known for his band, Yellowcard and as their lead singer, songwriter and rhythm guitarist, and his brief acting career in Cloverfield.

He is now the owner and operator of The Lone Tree Recordings in Franklin, Tennessee.

She was quoted as saying, “”He was in the studio, and we didn’t even see each other. Their breakup appeared to be on mutual terms, and they decided to continue to be friends afterward.However, long before they met he was known as Rebba Mc Entire’s stepson and the son of Mc Entire, Clarkson, and Rascall Flatt’s manager.All she knew was that he was a guy from her hometown, and caught her interest.Who exactly was on Kelly Clarkson’s list of Exes before settling down?Graham Colton is a singer-songwriter from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma who is Clarkson’s first reported major relationship after winning American Idol.

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