Who is bode miller dating

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I was seven months pregnant when I moved from California to New York to go to Columbia University.

Sam was 10 pounds, and his umbilical cord was also wrapped around his neck — there was no way I could have delivered naturally safely.

I texted Bode in November to let him know my plans to move. I moved to Manhattan in December and started school that January when I was eight months pregnant.

I had always planned to do a natural birth but sensed something was wrong around Valentine's Day, my due date.

Sam needed oxygen immediately and was whisked away, which meant I didn't get to see him for an hour. But then they brought him in wrapped in a blue blanket and I just held him and kissed him for hours, totally enamored with this little blue-eyed angel.

I filed for temporary custody of Sam in New York when Sam was 3 days old.

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