Who is adam gregory dating 2016

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5% owner of Forrester Creations Former designer at Spectra Fashions (owner) Lead Designer at Forrester Creations Former Vice President of Forrester Creations Former employee at Forrester International Thomas Hamilton Forrester is a character on The Bold and the Beautiful. The role has previously been played by Drew Tyler Bell (2004-10), Adam Gregory (2010-14), and Pierson Fodé (2015-18).

Thomas is the son of Ridge Forrester and Taylor Hamilton. He shares a son, Douglas Forrester, with the late Caroline Spencer.

What started as a friendship between them soon turned into a serious relationship after Amber seduced Thomas, much to Ridge and Stephanie's dismay.

But they unwillingly began accepting their relationship even after Ridge tried getting a restraining order against Amber, but was declined because Thomas was over 18.

From his childhood to the present (particularly developing in the latter), Thomas has been known for suffering mental instability, supposedly due to his traumas partly caused by his father's absence.But their relationship went downhill when Thomas discovered that Caitlin was also seeing Rick Forrester.Devastated, Thomas found comfort in Rick's babysitter, Amber Moore.It was then revealed that Taylor was actually alive and reunited with her family.Although he was grateful to Brooke for everything she had done for him and his sisters when Taylor was thought to be dead, Thomas asked Brooke to step aside so this parents could contine their marriage.

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