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Stitch quality is possibly the most significant reason for people to seek out vintage sewing machines in the 21st Century.

I found that this well maintained sewing machine is just as easy to operate with the treadle as it could possibly be if it were still powered by electricity the treadle moves easily and effortlessly.

Without an owner’s manual, it was at first a challenge to figure out how to achieve various stitch options, but within just a few brief minutes I was able to determine that changing stitch length and switching from straight to zigzag stitch options was as easy as adjusting the dial on the base of the machine and the levers on the front panel.

In no time at all, I was able to get this treadle sewing machine to perform every possible stitch combination any electric zigzag sewing machine is capable of rendering.

Of course, when this model was first made, regardless of when it was actually manufactured, it was electric powered.

Sarah, a young woman who is as firmly committed to conservation and the preserving ecology as she is to creating unique earth friendly clothing and accessories, had it converted into a treadle machine.

Everything worked so smoothly, it was obvious that this machine has been well taken care of.

When I asked Sarah why she decided to convert this particular sewing machine into one that is treadle operated, she responded that she prefers working with non-electric machines, and wanted one that could give her zigzag stitches.

In addition to the adjustable stitch and width features, this White vintage sewing machine was made with all metal components and has an on board bobbin winder and manual tension adjustment.

Without access to an owner’s manual, we can only surmise that other features include a variety of zigzag stitch options.

When I first saw it, I was instantly intrigued, and hoped that Sarah Gingold, the proprietor, would allow me to review some of her vintage sewing machines.

I never dreamed that almost all of the sewing machines in her shop, including this one, were non-electric.

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