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Nahmani’s family, his wife’s terminal cancer diagnosis and the fact that he had been a nonviolent, first-time offender with no previous criminal history.“These extenuating circumstances underscore the urgency of his request for clemency,” the White House statement said.The commutation was urged by people across the political spectrum, including several current and former Democratic and Republican politicians, according to the statement. Trump has allowed thousands of clemency applications to languish while he has focused on high-profile cases brought to him by associates and allies.The situation is complicated by the fact that Porter was involved with another White House official before he began dating Hicks — and Lewandowski shares a DC townhouse with a former campaign operative who worked in the same agency as that woman, according to New York.

which published its findings Thursday and shared its findings with Tech Crunch, said it was “probably the worst security for any dating app we’ve ever seen.” Pen Test Partners researchers found the app was leaking the precise location, photos and other personal details of any nearby user.President Trump has granted 15 pardons and six commutations in total since taking office, allowing thousands of clemency applications to languish and focusing mostly on high-profile cases brought to him by associates and allies. Suhl’s prison sentence and that of Ronen Nahmani, a Florida man convicted in 2015 of selling synthetic marijuana.President Trump granted clemency to seven men on Monday, including Ted Suhl, an Arkansas man convicted in 2016 of paying bribes to a state official. The remaining men received pardons for convictions stretching back decades. Suhl, 54, was sentenced to seven years in prison in 2016 after a jury found him guilty of four out of six charges related to the bribes, according to reports at the time.In his first three years in office, President Obama issued 17 pardons and no commutations, though he had issued more than 200 pardons and 1,700 commutations by the end of his presidency. Trump’s five pardons issued on Monday were to John Richard Bubala, who pleaded guilty to improper use of federal property in 1990; Roy Wayne Mc Keever, who pleaded guilty to a drug charge in 1989; Rodney Takumi, who was arrested while working at an illegal gambling parlor in 1987; Michael Tedesco, who was convicted of drug trafficking and fraud in 1990; and Chalmer Lee Williams, who was convicted of several crimes related to theft and sale of weapons. He has also worked at The Atlantic, National Journal and The Recorder, in San Francisco.A huge vulnerability in group dating app 3fun has been found by security researchers which allowed anyone to find the personal information, chat data, private photos, and real time location data of any of the app’s 1.5 million users.

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