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Here are my top 10 picks for charming movies starring people of different ethnicities.Will Smith and Eva Mendes are totally adorable in this romcom about a guy whose career is to help men find companionship through a foolproof formula but — surprise!

How can we make sure that we’re actually going to be able to get just what we want?

That’s not to say our society isn’t completely void of discrimination now, but there is certainly less stigma around couples of mixed race. When I finally do see two lovers from different ethnic backgrounds in the media, I get a bit excited.

I’d like to say that Hollywood has reflected this growth in America’s dating life, but, sadly, it’s still a rarity to see an interracial couple in the movies, or even on TV (remember the Cheerios commercial that sparked controversy? I guess it’s just the hopeless romantic in me who believes that true love cuts across all social and cultural constructs.

They’re both conartists who fall for each other and get themselves into a heap of trouble.

He begs for her life and they make it out of the scuffle together — only after he gets shot in the chest and survives.

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