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Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page often to get the most current updates! She tells Cristina it’s work and tells the agents to give her 10 minutes.

#Shades Of Blue starts with Cristina asking what happened to Harlee’s arm. She says she’s consulting on a case and says don’t tell Woz because he thinks she works too much. Chen calls Robert and reports that Matt just went into a bar.

She asks about the big new job and says she can’t keep borrowing money from him. He says a public defender got hit with a charge and Zepeda could get a new trial. She grabs a box and says we should go through them and make sure they’re all there. She hangs up and finds Tess crying over moving the dead body. She says Joe didn’t want to sell their house then when she saw the body in the lot next door, she panicked. Tess says the dead kid’s dad is on the board of the mosque that got firebombed. He asks which files and she says Gerard and Dibble and hands him the key to his desk. Loman goes over to the woman who’s taking donations. Chen and Robert follow Harlee – whom Matt is also following – and park down the block. Chen wants to follow Wyatt when he leaves but he says no and she wonders if he made them. Marcus asks Stuart about the Portugese and he says he’s into a Brazilian woman from a dating site.

He says the new ADA Nava is getting the case and she asks if Zepeda will get out. Harlee tells him to promise he’ll take care of Cristina if she goes down. Stuart and Marcus take a domestic violence call – it’s a hooker and pimp arguing. She tells Harlee is sleeping with a girl half her age and she wants them to sell fast and get a do over. Harlee and Tess look around and she finds the casing. He says she doesn’t speak much English so he asked the hooker to teach him some phrases. She asks what her tell is that has him so sure she’s a mole and he’s ready to kill her. He says she did it when she was lying about Zepeda and then did it last night.

Donnie says if they had anything they would have nailed him already. She kicks him down the stairs and he says he has nothing. Carlos goes to see Tess and says he looked into the dead kid. He says he’s a neighbor and says the kid’s parents live in the corner house. He says this feels like a date when they’re supposed to be talking about a case. She says his roommate designed them and she left him handcuffed to a bed. He says he has her phone cloned and she says it’s a pier where Matt keeps his boat and says it’s small and Matt will spot him if he tags along.

He says Harlee is the mole and says she lied about being in his filing cabinet. Harlee goes to look around the dead kid’s place and finds Carlos already there. Harlee grabs the plastic gun parts and stashes them in a box. He shows her the pic that shows them standing on a balcony with a view of her yard. She tells him that Matt wants to meet Harlee at an unusual location.

After earning a theater degree from Boston University, he appeared in his first feature film, A Love Song for Bobby Long, in 2004.Wozniak confronts Harlee who executes a dangerous bluff. Also starring Dayo Okeniyi, Hampton Fluker and Sarah Jeffery.” Are you looking forward to the season 1 episode 3 tonight? Donnie says Matt has a choice to make since she made hers. She sees a 3D printer and finds another gun in parts in a drawer. Matt calls Harlee and tells her to meet him at the marina in two hours to explore a hunch. Robert chats up his son and then chews out his ex Marta about dragging him to more custody hearings. She asks where he is and he says he had a custody hearing. He says protect your family and tells Matt tonight.

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