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The issues require SO MUCH MORE than a few sentences in parentheses; it’s worthy of a whole book.

I come across books like this, and it leaves me feeling I don’t stand a chance of marrying a godly man: All the good ones will be taken by women fortunate enough to be blessed with Christian fathers who are fighting in their corner. With titles like “Don’t Send a Woman to Do a Man’s Job”; a whole list of non-negotiable, seemingly impossible “musts”; and the assumption that Dad is on the scene and actively helping his daughters find good husbands, I figured the book would get a rise out of all but the narrowest group of readers.

It is under attack by the Judaizers, mixing works and grace. But this different gospel is really not another gospel (v.7). Anyone who denies the exclusivity of the gospel of Jesus Christ is a false teacher who distorts the gospel. If Paul, or even an angel, preaches a different gospel, he is to be damned. Only knowing what the passage means from the original author to the original audience makes any difference. No holding back the Bible from the common man – the Bible is written in clear language. The pastor needs to both feed the sheep and ward off the wolves. The sufficiency of scripture: 1) scripture contains all we need for all matters of faith and doctrine. Produced by the creative breath of the almighty creator.

The Galatians were turning away from the gospel of Jesus Christ to a different (heterous – of a different kind) gospel. Paul uses an extreme hypothetical example of distortion of the gospel. Never lead the hearer away from the meaning of the author to the original audience. The natural and obvious meanings, not hidden meanings. He was constantly calling people to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. The SBC is known for allegorical preaching, not expository preaching.

There is no salvation outside of Christ alone, grace alone, and faith alone. He is an erupting volcano of open public rebuke of the Galatians. “Nothing is of more importance than the literal interpretation of the text.” You cannot have the text until you have the meaning of the text.

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However, I cannot give my consent to a man who is not a follower of Christ.The first and third promises are golden for any single woman hoping for marriage.It’s that second promise that’s hard for many to swallow.A young man who is worthy of a wife will have a clear understanding of the covenantal nature of marriage.He will also have a healthy apprehension when he thinks about the magnitude of his responsibility should he assume the role of husband and father.

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