Vintage scarves identifying fabric and dating

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Whether you are seeking to add to your personal vintage wardrobe or add another item to your buy list at yard sales and thrift stores, this introductory guide on How to Identify Vintage Levi's Jackets will give you the basic insights and teach you how to recognize real vintage so you can make smarter decisions.

If you are already familiar with how to identify vintage Levi jeans, then it will come as no surprise to you that many of the same characteristics and terminology is used for jacket identification as well.

Except for the small overlap period above, this is the era of the red tab big 'E' Levis. This is generally referred to as the Third Edition series.

The jacket basically looks like the new models except for the big E tab.

they are made from a separate piece of denim that is sewn onto the chest, versus more modern pockets which are really slits with a fabric lining resting inside the jacket). The rarest of the Levi jackets--the First Editions.

These jackets will have a single patch style pocket as described above, and a similar pleated front. They will also have the same style of buckleback fit adjustment strap on the lower back just like the jeans of the same era.

With this simple fact you will know that all crystals that have the AB finish cannot be any older than 1956.

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Just like the vintage jeans, there are newer reproductions being made both here and abroad.You will sometimes find these with a quilted blanket lining, too. This Second Edition jacket is easily distinguished by its vertical pleats that run adjacent to the button placket.It also has two pockets, but these pockets are more like the rear pockets on a pair of jeans (i.e.Like the odd hybrid jeans, this period marked a transition for Levi to the small 'e' red tab.A two pocket small 'e' tab jacket from this period is easily identified because of the single row of stitching adjacent to the bottom button hole.

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