Vfp validating data in different table

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Other projects will have other requirements that may require different solutions.At the time of working on this project, I was using Visual Fox Pro 5.0a and SQL Server 6.5.I don’t want to claim that they are the only way doing cross-database-platform development in VFP.They worked for us in our specific situation, but there may be better ways.We decided to name views in the DBC by which table they were primarily querying, with an added suffix to indicate their use: _rec for single record slices of a table, and _lst for vertical columns of one or more fields.

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We ended up having a mixture of updateable and non-updateable views, both single record slices and vertical lists, and SPT queries.That’s all I want to say about that project, but despite this I have still titled this session "a case study".I did this because I want to stress the point that the solutions and strategies I describe below are only one way of solving the problem.statements throughout the source bracketing platform-specific code) running transparently on the different databases platforms.I’ve included some brief documentation of the basic set of 13 functions that made this possible in Appendix B. To simplify installing and administering the application on a variety of client networks, we decided to try and use one single login Id on SQL server for all instances of the application. Application performance is reportedly good, and it has been much easier to administer the installed systems.

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