Valentino rossi dating 2016

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Thus, it wasn’t a surprise when 11-year-old Valentino, in 1990, won a kart championship.He soon moved on to minibike which saw him win many regional competitions before 1991 ran out.In the 2015 season, Marc had a crash during a race for which Valentino received a grid penalty for the final round.He accused Marc of consciously wanting to ruin his season.VALENTINO ROSSI, known as The Doctor, has found himself some new medicine in stunning model Francesca Sofia Novello.The seven-time Moto GP champion has started the new year in the fast lane after he recently started dating the 24-year-old.

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According to Chinese Zodiac, Valentino was born in the Year of the Goat while his girlfriend in the Year of the Serpent.Valentino Rossi is undeniably one of the most accomplished Italian Motorcycle road racers, his attainments have set him apart among his likes.Apart from being a multiple Moto GP World Champion, Mr.If you check the records, you will surely find that he was the winner of the 500cc World Championship of 2001.Still celebrated for that, he picked up the prime trophies of the 20 Moto GP World Championship.

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