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The court, in determining whether to award support and maintenance for a spouse, shall consider the circumstances and factors which contributed to the dissolution of the marriage, specifically including adultery and any other ground for divorce.

In determining the nature, amount and duration of an award pursuant to this section, the court shall consider the following: In determining custody, the court shall give primary consideration to the best interests of the child.

The court shall assure minor children of frequent and continuing contact with both parents, when appropriate, and encourage parents to share in the responsibilities of rearing their children.

As between the parents, there shall be no presumption or inference of law in favor of either, and the court may award joint custody or sole custody.

That spouse may actually have grounds for a divorce based on cruelty or constructive desertion.

If you have grounds for desertion, you may file for a divorce from bed and board immediately after the separation begins and once you have lived separate and apart from more than one year, then desertion is sufficient to constitute a ground for divorce from the bonds of matrimony.

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The circuit court shall have jurisdiction of suits for annulling or affirming marriage and for divorces, and claims for separate maintenance and such suits shall be heard by the judge as equitable claims.

The grounds for a divorce from bed are: (1) willful desertion or abandonment, and (2) cruelty and reasonable apprehension of bodily harm.

The grounds for a divorce from the bonds of matrimony are: (1) living separate and apart for one year (or six months where there are no children and the parties have entered into a Property Settlement Agreement), (2) adultery, sodomy, or buggery, (3) conviction of a felony, (4) willful desertion or abandonment after a one year period, and (5) cruelty and reasonable apprehension of bodily harm after one year from the date of the cruel acts.

[Based on Code of Virginia, Title 20, Section 20-96] A divorce from bed and board may be decreed for cruelty, reasonable apprehension of bodily hurt, willful desertion or abandonment.

In granting a divorce from bed and board, the court may decree that the parties be perpetually separated and protected in their persons and property.

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