Updating rear end in 1937 chevy truck

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How long has the master cylinder been in your classic Chevy?

I have a 36 1/2 ton and I am getting thet parts together to upgrade the drive train to a 54 235 with a mechanical speedo t5. I want to keep my stock wheels so I need a 6 lug rear end that is as close to the original width as possible.Dennis "Tweezer" Williams has owned and driven his '48 for several years.Last year he began an update to make it more dependable and drivable.NOTE: ALL 4-1/2 AND 4-3/4 INCH BOLT CIRCLE REAR DISC KITS ARE AVAILIBLE WITH 13 INCH ROTORS - ADD 0.00.NOTE: Minor axle flange machining is required for rotor installation on some Ford and GM installations.

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