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Postgre SQL RPM Building Project announced the new yum repository.

To illustrate the functionality, let’s set up a simple table that stores country names in one column as TEXT and a list of some of the country’s cities in the second column as a TEXT ARRAY.Please note that the data type specified in Connection.create Array Of has to be a Postgre SQL type, not The JDBC driver looks up the data type at runtime to create the This code, when executed, results in the following data in the city_example table: Process of retrieving arrays is the exact reverse of inserting them.In the example below, first step is to get a Result Set with the required data and second step is to convert Postgre SQL TEXT Arrays to Java String arrays.If you are making modifications to the Postgres configuration file (or similar), and you want to new settings to take effect without needing to restart the entire database, there are two ways to accomplish this.Arrays are a powerful programming feature frequently used by developers, both in Java and in PL/pg SQL.

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