Updating facebook through twitter

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They can set the privacy of a post to be as granular as only showing to themselves, to as expansive as showing it to the whole world.Between those binary options, there are a TON of different levels.It’s a binary choice of either unprotected or protected.

This means that the post is visible to everyone.4) If the privacy settings are okay, just select the URL in the browser and copy it.If, once they login, they don’t have the permissions to view the post, they receive an error. The reason is likely because Bobby has chosen to only show their posts to their friends…and you are one of their friends.The members of the Twitter-verse, however, are not friends with Bobby so they get an error message instead.Just paste the URL into the tweet if you want to allow Twitter to shorten it.If you want to shorten the link yourself, you can always use a tool like

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