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, to allow a pilot to perform specific preventive maintenance items provided— (1) The items of preventive maintenance are a result of a known or suspected mechanical difficulty or malfunction that occurred en route to or in a remote area; (2) The pilot has satisfactorily completed an approved training program and is authorized in writing by the certificate holder for each item of preventive maintenance that the pilot is authorized to perform; (3) There is no certificated mechanic available to perform preventive maintenance; (4) The certificate holder has procedures to evaluate the accomplishment of a preventive maintenance item that requires a decision concerning the airworthiness of the rotorcraft; and (5) The items of preventive maintenance authorized by this section are those listed in paragraph (c) of appendix A of this part.Summary When the database update meets the conditions stated in paragraph (k) of 14 CFR § 43.3 it is not considered maintenance and may be performed by the pilot.

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A certificate of demonstrated proficiency is effective immediately upon receipt by the FAA of notification by the Director of Operations by the above method.

In some cases the database update is not considered maintenance and can be performed by the pilot.

14 CFR Part 43 covers Maintenance, preventive maintenance, rebuilding and alteration.

The FAA does not require that you get a new certificate when updating your address and won’t issue one automatically.

The FAA will only issue one copy of each certificate.

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