Updating dell bios ubuntu 9 10

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BIOS update utilities and files are often provided as files.The BIOS updates work by booting the machine into DOS using a USB or floppy (Free DOS or MS-DOS) and then running an executable to reflash the BIOS.If this is not easy to read, the information can be obtained in the following way: 1) Install libsmbios: with the key information in the BIOS version, the System ID, the Service Tag, and the Express Service Code.

Once you have a Windows 7 Repair Disk, the rest is easy.We'll need to obtain a Free DOS disk image and mount it: (probably different for everyone), you hit Ctrl-C a moment too late. The relevant directions from there are reproduced in what follows.1747A04_has been successfully used before, though other archives from Dell may also work.There are several ways to obtain one, including buying one from sources on the internet, or making friends with someone who has a Windows 7 computer.If you are lucky your computer manufacturer bundled one with your box.

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