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Why weren’t the servers going down because they were loaded with so many signups?

Most of these signups were just friends but the point is: you can see their names.

I met one girl who hadn’t worked in 20 years but lived in a beautiful apartment on the Upper East Side her father paid for. I liked the lesbian but dated the one that might not have been but she couldn’t handle kids. One of the investors was the woman who had started the very first online dating service, back in 1995. Also other people were interested in getting advice on how to manage their own twitter strategies so we named the company “140 Labs” so it would be more than just dating. Some ad agency even wanted my help with setting up the twitter strategy for GM’s Volt launch. I said, “I’m working on a dating site for twitter.” I thought everyone would start cheering and clapping. I couldn’t waste time going to Detroit and I felt like a fake speaking at a twitter conference about love.

I met one girl who had just divorced a 0 millionaire 20 years older. We got some investors excited and got enough interest to raise up to 0,000 or more. And Jeff Pulver wanted me to speak at a conference about love and twitter. That’s like panties with shit on it having something to do with nudity. A few months earlier I had to be escorted to a motel by police.

I asked my grandfather once where God was and he pointed out the window, “over there.” I think now maybe he was pointing at the Chelsea Hotel, where I was living. “Our statistics show that people who list their status as ‘separated’ are unlikely to find a stable relationship using our service.’ They DOOMED me.

Once a week I still had to do something on CNBC or maybe that was already over. I taught one woman how to play poker in the hallway until random drug addicts asked us to be quiet because it was too late. Something where I could make a quick 10-20 million dollars because I figured it was that easy. “Everytime I take a shit,” he said, “I put the details, size, etc on twitter. I have about 2000 people following my every shit.” I didn’t really get it. They, of course, were happy to screw up yet another project for me and charge me as much money as they possibly could while doing so. The idea was: you’d log in with your twitter account. In order to succeed in business it helps to avoid these 9 ways to fail.

On the day the next 0,000 was supposed to be wired in I woke up shaking.

Not worth it to then devote years of my life to this idea.

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