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Finally the marginal bank depositional conditions deteriorated and the desert steppe environment formed (Liu et al.As of this writing, eight of the 12 SDG localities (SDG 1–5, 7–9, and 12) have been excavated.A critical review of the chronology at various localities helps to resolve some of the fundamental ambiguities about the ages of and relationships between the various components.A review of the techno-typological characteristics of assemblages found in the Shuidonggou area further expands our understanding of cultural variability, adaptation, and demographic dynamics of modern humans in Late Pleistocene northern China.).In Europe, West Asia, and Africa, chronological sequences of Upper Paleolithic (UP) or Late Stone Age (LSA) industries, including many regional ‘cultures’ are well established.

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The persistence of simple lithic technologies along with human fossils bearing mosaic morphological characteristics of ).

No direct dates are available at SDG localities 3–5.

For this reason, we focus on the excavated localities 1, 2, 7–9, and 12.

The various lithic assemblages of the later Late Pleistocene in northern China demonstrate a complex picture of the Upper Paleolithic and probably of modern human dispersals across the region, which has not been appropriately addressed. 10 km) in northern China contains multiple Paleolithic sites with a range of assemblage types dating to between around 45 ka and 10 ka, including flake, blade, and microblade assemblages.

The area plays an essential role in understanding the development and origins of the Upper Paleolithic in northern China.

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