Till death do us part dating

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At the school, Alison discusses with Addison, who jokes about Alison's friend Aria.

They talk about his return to Rosewood after he left to travel around countries with Alison's half-brother Jason.

Lucas appears in a white tuxedo tap dancing, while Jenna is riding a horse.

The girls begin to talk about random and funny things until snow starts to fall from the sky and it is revealed that the previous scenes were the product of Mona's imagination, who is holding a snow globe in an unknown room at the Welby State Hospital. D." then appears and Mona drops the globe, breaking it instantly, as she gets surprised when she realizes who's there.

After, Alison observes Addison's clique while Emily approaches and the two ask student Claire if Addison was bullying her, which she denies.

Jenna then approaches Addison, who jokes about her blindness, and Jenna argues with her, saying she can smell a bitch a mile away.

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