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on extreme fast-forward and promises viewers "a love story in an hour". In each episode, a male "suitor" or a female "suitress" is hidden behind a screen called "the commitment ring".

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Each one-hour episode sees contestants compete in pageant-style rounds in a bid to win the heart of a mystery suitor, before they propose in front of a studio audience.

is all in the title but the full run down is: In each episode, a “suitor” or “suitress” is hidden from the sight of eight contestants who are attempting to win their love, by sitting inside a ‘commitment ring’, which is basically an alien-like dome contraption thing that has been constructed on stage to obscure their entire face and body from view. Then the eight contestants spend the hour-long episode vying for the suitor/suitress’… They’re slowly whittled down until just two are left.

Then the suitor/suitress reveals themselves to their final two – yeah, up until now they’ve never seen him/her – and then in the next segment there’s a proposal.

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Channel Seven launched its new dating show The Proposal on Tuesday night.

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