The art and science dating game

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Maybe I’ve got a good approach,” but it feels like a house of cards.I think you have to do some deep inner work and get the rest of your life together before you can really approach a woman with confidence.We talk about how even the place you live can affect your dating chances and some things you can do to change that. I’m sure a lot of our listeners know him for his I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell. Geoffrey Miller: Granted it sounds like a bizarre match at first glance but actually, Tucker’s a really bright guy, knows a lot of the science already.If you’re a single guy, a lot of great information for you. What happened was I read an interview with Tucker by a friend of mine that had happened back in 2011.I laughed out loud several times while reading it, while also finding a lot of it quite fascinating.But the interesting thing with is that while the book is marketed as a how-to guide for dating, it’s really a book about how to become the best man you can be.

We talk about what you should look for in a woman depending on your relationship goals. You’re a evolutionary psychologist that’s written several books published in leading journals but you ended up partnering with Tucker Max on this book.

Most of the Mate book is really about doing all that work ahead of time even before a date.

It’s not that hard but it’s something a lot of guys neglect to do.

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is a humorous, irreverent, but highly insightful book packed with researched-backed tips on how to improve your dating life.

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