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Famous meeting of harpers in Belfast, convened by Dr.

The first number of the Northern Star issued on 4th January. Petition for Catholic Eman- cipation signed by Sovereign and principal inhabitants.

Marquis Cornwallis presented with a Corporate Address at Lord Donegall's house.

A Reading Society called the Belfast Library formed. A six-days post established between Belfast and Dublin. Society of the New United Irishmen formed in Belfast. 1 795' 72 delegates of United Irishmen at meeting in Belfast framed the "System of Committees." The Gaelic Magazine, by Miss Brookes, issued. Habeas Corpus Act suspended; proprietors of Northern Star arrested. High tides commenced, which sometimes "ebbed and flowed 3 times in a tide ;" water 13 inches deep on south side of Arthur Street ; boats plied at south end of Bridge Street. Sacheverell visited here, and noted: — "Belfast is the second town in Ireland, well built, full of people, and of great Trade." King James II. Swift made frequent visits to Belfast, where he proposed to " Varina," daughter of W. A Royal Proclamation issued from "Our Court at Belfast," 19th June, pro- hibiting plundering by the army. In spring, seven arches of the Long Bridge fell in, "having been weakened by Schonberg's drawing his heavy cannon over it." 1694. Crafford, Sovereign, induced Patrick Neill and James Blow to start as printers. Corporation sent address to King William and Queen Mary. A violent storm threw down part of the Mill Gate and the vane of the Church.

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