System stability chart stopped updating

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The app constantly freezes, crashes, rarely will it actually play any music, but the most common bug - 'loading...'. Everything looks loaded but now it's all greyed out, and says 'loading...' in front of it, again and again. Spotify obviously do not support windows phones adequately. You also cant link to other nearby spotify playing devices when youre paying for premium ( one of the main reasons i sometimes pay for premium). Get lost in the wonderfulness off Spotify all the time.

Reliability Monitor is an advanced tool that measures hardware and software problems and other changes to your computer. Please update and fix this or just pull the app from the store. 😊 UPDATE: Spotify stopped supporting the Windows app about 9 months ago, so it's riddled with bugs, but they still charge us a tenner a month. When it goes away I press a song, and nothing happens. I'm always getting problems with my sonos device too. Easy to navigate and open my musical world to new sounds and artists every morning/noon/evening and night..thank you 'the spotifi and all involved'.Any change you make to your computer or problem that occurs on your computer affects the stability index.You can tell your Index score (scales from 1 to 10, 10 is the best score) by looking at how the chart line ends in the upper right corner boxed in red below compared to the scale of 10 to 1 on the left upper corner boxed in red below.

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