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Sprung puts players in the shoes of either Becky or Brett who try to get an NPC of the opposite sex to fall in love with them.Players "flirt" their way through conversations; player responses influence the resulting NPC dialogue. From there she boarded a PATH train to New Jersey and rode it to the end of the line at Hoboken.

The game is considered to fail as a dating game, as there is little choice of Love Interests at its conclusion (only one romantic prospect for Becky, three for Brett,) and its lack of narrative flexibility left many people getting bored of reliving the same dialogue over again just to reach a certain outcome.

It is often found in bargain bins due it being relatively unknown.

It was released in North America on December 7, 2004.

Her heart was pounding again at what she was about to do, and she nearly jumped out of her skin when someone said, "Christine? "They walked around the corner and stopped in front of an old 1950's era Ford Thunderbird.

She came up out of the portal onto the sidewalk and looked around.

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