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Care, family, employment, education – all that is good.That it could not be implemented in past government actions, speaks volumes.

This fatally reminds us of disarmament negotiations or even the negotiations to ease tensions between the two German states, when Chancellor Willy Brandt was still talking to Leonid Brezhnev.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and Leader of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) Martin Schulz pose for photographers after a press statement following coalition talks held at the CDU headquarters Konrad-Adenauer-Haus, in Berlin, Germany, 07 February 2018.

[EPA-EFE/HAYOUNG JEON] CDU/CSU and SPD are laying their policies down to the last detail.

This was the headline for the new beginning with Gerhard Schröder, after 16 long years under a Helmut Kohl government.

Back then the coalitioners did not want to change the world but they wanted to change the country fundamentally, they wanted an awakening instead of a gridlock. The current agreement, which even Angela Merkel calls “small-scale” – and she is the master of dismantling problems beyond recognition – is not a sign of trust in Germany’s power for renewal.

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