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Or do anything to IU herself apart from saying stuff in their own personal sns accounts and even then it wasn't like they were directly tweeting her hate messages. And I've just grown attached for the 7 years now almost 8 years that I've been a fan and as they've grown to their ultimate sunbae status among other idol groups now.

Seen them from their debuts to reading their few "troublesome" news to their black ocean days to their rise in fame to where they are now and I couldn't be happier for them.

The same happens with Kyuhyun, Seohyun got a lot of hate when there were rumours about her and Kyu.

Once taeyeon, tiffany, and jessica come out I think knetizens will be singing a way different tune. Now, every news that have written SNSD make me scared to read it. Even I still can get along with a pink, hello venus, b1a4's song, but I still can't deny my love for them. They're the only group that I can spend on the albums, goodies and so on.

Tbh most fans didn't even get mad, the ones that did got angry because people were saying that they were dating, but had broken up and IU purposely released the picture out of anger but then changed her mind and deleted it.Don't remember the reaction to Suzy Though all three denied everything even with proof and that got them more hate.I don't know about the next YJS but I agree, he does have a really clean image and he does well in mc'ing on varieties.Plus generally mourning and shock since he's never had any real dating rumors. The girls will be just fine and they gonna slay everybody with their comeback.She's such a letdown to watch 'cause she's so pretty yet so horrible in acting. I think he was only 19 or so at the time but aside from going to school, he consistently appeared on variety shows and music shows to promote himself. He's achieved so much as a singer, and gaining so much as an actor.

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