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It can’t improve the bandwidth between you and your remote caller - although there are things you can do apart from Talk Show to make sure you’re getting the best signal possible. If they can’t move the lamps, then sit where the lamps will light them from the front. If the background seems too dark when using table lamps, move them further away from the presenter.

(That’s a topic for a future post.) It can’t improve the lighting. Have the presenter look at themselves on their webcam and position the lights so that the shadows are pleasing and soft, without too much shadow on either side of the face. This second image is the webcam view from the position in the photo above with the two lamps.

Microsoft notes that the free feature is available only for 24 hours.

Users will have to sign up for a free Skype account if they wish to continue using the service and return to the conversation.

And while they’re at it, turn off the cell phone, hotel phone or office phone and change the settings on the computer to eliminate audible alerts for incoming emails or other prompts.

There are actually apps to help do this, though simply calling up a mostly white page in Photos or in a book would work. The bad one was taken from desktop level looking up at the subject, with a messy background and too much space above the subject’s head. The good one was taken in the exact same spot, turned slightly to take advantage of the sunlight coming through the window, with the laptop placed at eye level, the distracting elements removed from the background and the webcam aimed so that there is very little empty space above the subject’s head.

But having a lavalier mic or a “podcast mic” like one of the BLUE mics ( will provide much better sound than the built-in mic on the laptop or camera.

Blue’s “Snowflake” mic is very portable and easy to use.

The key is to have the mic as close to the expert’s mouth as possible.

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