Siwon dating rumors

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However, in August 2015, he once posted a photo that is not his on his instagram account.

It was a photo that he grabbed from the internet and he forgot to credit the person who actually owns the photo.

Choi, being a humble and sincere human being, apologized to the person as soon as he could. Once again, I am truly sorry.” His fans were overwhelmed by his pure sincerity and praised his actions after they found out about the incident.

He added to the caption “I am sorry @SANDRA160173, for using your photo without mentioning and permission. They believe that Choi did not intentionally do it.

Occupation: Singer, dancer, actor, model Position in Super Junior: Sub vocal Active Years: 2006–present Status: Single A Battle of Wits(2006) Attack on the Pin-UP Boys(2007) I AM. He is always posting bible verses on social media to encourage his fans and let them know that God is there to love and accept them no matter who they are. Choi is such a good samaritan, he did not only enlist for being a policeman, but he also joined a lot of UNICEF campaigns for 6 years. (Source: On the 18th of November 2015, Choi posted photos in his instagram account with captions containing words of goodbye. He also posted a photo of him with celebrity chef Sam Kim, posing for the camera with his tongue playfully out while showing his new hairstyle.

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