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As you get older, you naturally produce more ovulation-stimulating hormones, which could trigger your ovaries to release several eggs each month. The use of some fertility treatments also increases the likelihood of a woman having twins. It's estimated that you're about two and a half times more likely than average to have twins if you're a non-identical twin, or have siblings who are non-identical twins.

You may have heard, for example, that if your mum or dad is a twin but you're not, you're more likely to have twins yourself. What can happen, though, is that a dad can pass on the non-identical twin gene to his daughters and this may make twins appear to skip a generation. National Collaborating Centre for Women's and Children's Health, NICE Clinical Guideline.

My clock wasn't ticking; it was at a five-alarm-fire status.

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When I was in college and in my first long-term relationship, I eagerly planned our post-graduation — which meant marriage and babies by 28. I knew taking the leap to NYC would delay my "plans" for marriage and babies, but it was an offer I could not refuse and I never turned back.

After college, my relationship ended and life took the most unexpected and amazing path that I ever could have predicted.

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