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The township is located immediately east of the city of Trenton, the state's capital.

Hamilton was incorporated as a township by an act of the New Jersey Legislature on April 11, 1842, from portions of the now-defunct Nottingham Township.

AP Attorney Jeff Anderson walks past graphics as he prepares to hold a press conference, releasing names of more than 130 Boy Scout leaders who worked in New York and were named in Boy Scouts of America "Perversion Files" as having allegations of sexually abusing minors.

The list of scout leaders in New Jersey included 52 names.

Groveville (with a 2010 Census population of 2,945 As of late 2005, much of the new residential development in Hamilton has been geared to accommodating the aging baby boomer generation.

New retirement communities and assisted-living facilities outpace that of new traditional residential communities.

Such construction has been spurred by several factors.

The first being that the public is skeptical of growing school budgets due to its already large size.

Hamilton Township continues to expand rapidly to accommodate the increase in citizens residing in the community.

The information detailed Tuesday did not identify how many of those victims are from New Jersey.“This is about the institution failing to do the right thing, failing to disclose these names,” attorney Greg Gianforcaro, whose private firm partnered with Anderson’s law firm, said during an afternoon press conference in Newark. It should be the Boy Scouts."Boy Scout leaders accused of sexually abusing scouts Dozens of Boy Scout leaders in New Jersey accused of sexually abusing scouts are being put in the spotlight today.

A lawyer representing the victims is discussing the case in Newark Posted by on Tuesday, April 23, 2019 Anderson called the numbers "quite shocking and quite alarming."Many priests who were also Boy Scout leaders are in the “perversion file,” Anderson said.

During a press conference earlier Tuesday in New York, where 130 former scout leaders were named, Anderson said that more needs to be done to make sure notifications have been made.

It’s unclear how many were criminally prosecuted.“They may have removed them from scouting, but the Boy Scouts of America have never alerted communities that this scout leader, this coach, this teacher is known to be a child molester,” Anderson said.

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