Remington the sportsman dating

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12 Ga., with 3 1/2" chamber, self-cleaning Versaport gas system regulates ... Click for more info About 15 years ago, I purchased a few shotguns from the estate of the CEO of Du Pont in Wilmington, Delaware.

2004 -------250-------7600's in 35 Whelen --Walnut Stocks. Addition of Left hand model ( Buttstock and Safety )in BDL grade .270 - .308 - .30-06 Calibers. 1968-- ADL model restyled with skip line pressed checkering and white line spacers used on a Black plastic butt plate, Black forearm tip and Black grip cap.2003--------300------7600's in 25-06 -- Black and Gray Laminated Stocks.2003--------300------7600's in 35 Whelen -- Walnut Stocks.1989 --Stock and forearm restyled with Satin finish and all white line spacers were discontinued .1991 -- Stock and forearm restyled with cut checkering pattern and Monte Carlo Style Stock.

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