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That's why he was jealous of Michael and Ben, because he didn't think anyone would ever want to settle down with him, even though he wanted that more than anything.

At the end I think he decided that he was too damaged and not good enough for Justin so he pushed him away so that he would find someone better, someone who he though Justin deserved.

For me it was painful to watch and I guess the actors weren't happy about it either. The show also had some great regulars like Vic and Justin's Mom. The creators said that they never meant to imply that Brian & Justin wouldn't see each other again - just that it wasn't the same kind of relationship that Michael & Ben had.

That's why I enjoyed watching campy Emmett, uptight Ted, and Michael's and Ben's relationship (for some reason I only noticed it after watching the show again, but Ben was one passive agressive son of a bitch! I would definitely watch a reunion or reboot but I doubt Netflix will do it.

You can imagine a happy future for Justin, but it's hard to imagine one for Brian. My spouse and I were married for 7 years - divorced for 10 years - and then remarried. So it is possible for a couple who really love each other to find their way back to each other.

I've linked the Cowlip interview but here are their quotes about Brian & Justin: Cowan: They had a moment of realization where they both knew they were asking too much of each other, which did not mean that they no longer loved each other or that they would never see each other again.

I frankly don't understand where those ideas came from.

Everyone paid the same.result is hardly any of the actors on this show have gone on to better things. (These 5 straight girls are getting really tired of the way he treats them.)I've seen him on stage several times, and while not terrible, he's never been more than adequate. He's done a lot of off-broadway work and has more than proven himself. He got more roles after bulking up and got better with time and experience, but he's by no means a natural talent.

That play he did at The Public with Jonathan Groff and Olympia Dukakis was probably the best thing I saw him in, but his co-stars helped him out rather than acted circles around him which they could easily have done. He's going to be taking over Brian d'arcy James' role in Hamilton and I bet he transfers to Broadway with it too. He may hate QAF but he keeps attending the fan meet & greets and was at the ATX TV Festival in Austin with Gale, Peter & the creators of the show. I did see a clip from one of the fan meet & greets where they asked him what would Justin be doing now and he said "Justin died". Randy is giving Phil Donahue a Courage Award this week in NYC.

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