Rainie yang and jiro wang dating teenage terms for dating

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In "Absolute Boyfriend", the main character is a customizable robot made to be the 'perfect boyfriend' with a long list of qualities such as good looks, charm, and intelligence.

Interviewers wanted Hye Sun to compare Jiro and Wu Chun's physiques, Hye Sun laughs and says, "Because I haven't seen either, I can't possibly compare them now," .

Honestly, i love watching anime and reading a manga... Your story is an inspiration,you have work hard to get were you are!!

and dont have any interest on kdrama or whatever series it is... I admired you dramas because they are funny,sad and full of action, I love your music too!!!

then what happens is dat i cant find any anime to watch so i ask my friend to suggest me... Keep up the great work you are doing and congratulations on everything you do!!!! Jiru Wang you are very blessed person in every way.

She suggest me to watch "Fabuluos Boys" and thats where i first seen you... You are a very wonderful and great actor, i admire you in every way and i like you when you smile.

He was first asked to join the entertainment business because he showed his looks at a competition.

He speaks fluent Mandarin and understand conversational English.

I love to spend time on the sofa at home then play with my dog.

If my dog is asleep, I will wake it up, play with it for a while then let it sleep, then wake it up to play again.

Last year Rainie was in the drama [Miss No Good] and her character Jiang Xiao Hua was very lively; this year she has another new drama [Together] airing.

This character is very different to Rainie's previous roles. She is too introverted and doesn't know how to express her emotions unlike me; when she is angry or sad, she will cry to fix the problem but I definitely wouldn't do that; also, I am more lively, she is just sad.

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