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What I have learned from Angeline has already impacted my relationships – and it’s not been limited to romantic relationships, it’s relevant to all relationships. I have worked with Angeline for a little over a year, and the effects on my entire life, not just the romantic end, have been immeasurable.

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Flatheads began to come back, and prices of swap-meet stuff skyrocketed.

At the end of the first round the guys teams then move on to the next quiz team in order and the quiz continues like this for 4-6 rounds until all the guys teams have met all the girls . After the event, you will have met loads of new people so most people stay on afterwards and get to know everyone better. You need to keep note of the people you like on your scorecard and our system will give you the email address of any mutual matches the day after the event.

Now, as this is an Original Dating quiz you get to use our unique online matching system after the event so you will need to make a note of the people you liked after each round. Rounds will consist of a mixture of question types including general knowledge, sports, history, current affairs and pot luck.

Reading their book and in my private coaching sessions with Angeline, I have a newfound faith in my relationship. The first time I spoke with her I was bitter, jaded and very resistant.

By the end of the 1-hour phone call, I felt hopeful.

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