Qatar dating expats

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While it looks horrible, it also has serious health implications.

Doha is one of the most polluted cities globally, according to the World Health Organisation.

The Maldives, Goa, Kerala and Sri Lanka are all popular destinations for getaways, while the rest of the Gulf is only an hour or so’s flight away.

Or be brave and make use of your SUV to take a road trip through Saudi to neighbouring Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Oman.

Many expats choose to live on compounds, gated residential communities which often have facilities such as a swimming pool, gym and playground.

These allow for a 1970s-style childhood where kids can safely play out in the street, biking between houses, building dens, playing hopscotch on the road and running naked though the sprinklers.

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Unless you work for the government and speak Arabic, expat children are generally not permitted to attend state-funded local schools.

Doha has some excellent private, international schools, but they are hugely over-subscribed and some have waiting lists of two years or more.

A kindly lady might ply them with packets of crisps, whisk them off for a cuddle and sing to them, then the tears are gone.

There’s no tutting or under-the-breath muttering about your hapless parenting skills.

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