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A simple note, phone call or public meeting comment would ensure that they are aware of Pulse Point.We have found that City Hall does listen and is quite willing to bring Pulse Point to the community.Say a neighbor has medical episodes as a result from drinking too much in the past and the fire department is the only responders to them, not all of those calls get reported or show up in pulse point. Another thing is that I only get alerted for random calls even though I have everything selected for notifications.I could get alerted for something across town yet say a car accident down the street from me doesn’t alert me, I do t quite get that one.In addition to nearby “CPR-needed” notifications, you can choose to be notified of significant events.

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That good with the account idea, and the next idea which is an area where you have to be CPR certified to get CPR notifications. I like how if i try to tap on the audio button, it’ll now tell me that that department doesn’t provide audio, bummer, but at least I now know it’s not in Pulse Point’s control.Users place the AED location on a map, add business and descriptor information and submit photos of the AED in context of its environment.More Details Pulse Point Insights is a powerful and simple to use business intelligence tool designed to provide actionable information on Pulse Point performance in your community. The lifesaving potential of Pulse Point is only available in communities where it has been specifically implemented by the local Fire/EMS agency with the assistance of our professional services team.“Sudden Cardiac Arrest is not just a job for emergency responders but rather a community-based issue that requires a community-based response.” – International Association of Fire Chiefs “In no other medical situation is there such a vital reliance on the community.” You know the difference early CPR and defibrillation can make in a Sudden Cardiac Arrest event. Yet only 11% say they’ve used CPR in an actual emergency—that’s a number we can increase together.When that life=threatening call comes in emergency responders will be ready.

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