Problems with updating tomtom one

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I love the functionality of the device, always there, always accurate, reasonably easy to use. The biggest problem is updates take forever if I can get them to work at all.

I have a very powerful Mac and high speed broadband internet yet downloads and installations are slow, in the order of one to two hours.

However, as more and more competition has entered the market, their sales and profits have probably dropped, and so has their budget on customer support, updates, and upgrades.

They are complete junk now and I will never buy another one.

I bought several of them months ago and not one of them works now, updates won't upload, and I can't get a response from customer service. I have owned and used my Tom Tom GPS for about seven years.

I have since ordered a used Garmin from e Bay with the latest updates.

I added a 16GB card in addition to the 4GB internal memory, but I still have issues assigning storage. It's never been up to date with road trips, no matter how many times we've updated.

Had some problems with another Tom Tom after updating so very leery, when the latest email came in for offering a last time update.

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