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All of the spyware cleaning tools should be updated each time before running the scans. X it off, then click the "Quarentine All" button in the lower right. ANY type of video, news or information to get your attention.CWShredder and ATF-Cleaner do not have any new updates available at this time. Then when you try to watch the video, you get a message saying "You need the following Active X object to see the video. On the right side, select all hard drives, especially "C:\". Click "Yes" to reboot if needed, or click "Finish". When done, (takes about 20 to 40 seconds), it will show if anything was found. (Or call me and I will get rid of them for you.)How do they get on your computer to start with?

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It can be removed if you have a problem.)Toolbars of any kind. One music sharing program will load up more junk software then 5 other "free" programs. Most free programs are not free, they are "Ad Supported". (See above again) They also are selective like toolbars. Even if you find one without ad software, the real problem is the adware and spyware on your computer. This goes for all game sites including cards, casino gambling, and arcade style games.

For those ads that do not have an X, you may be able to close the window using the Task manager.

(You should click the X in the upper right corner to close ads.

They claim to block pop ups, but they actually block competitors ads and allow their own. That means they will install software on your computer to display as many ads as possible to get you to buy something. Some popular examples are Precision Time, Date Manager, Comet Curser, Bonzi Buddy, My Daily Horoscope, Weather Bug, Save Now, Bargain Buddy, Gain, Gator Password Manager, and Wild Tangent Game Channel. Any program that claims it will speed up your internet or improve your searches. Also any program that claims to increase system memory without adding memory chips, improve memory usage by monitoring and clearing unused memory, or speed up software downloads. Instead of covering the problem with a band aid, you want to remove the adware and spyware with Ad-Aware and Spybot. Here is a link to a site that shows which software works and which ones do not. Most of the time you have to register to use the site, (personal information), other times you need to download a special "Plug In" or "Update" to use the site.

They also claim to help you search, but they really change your search results to display links to sites that have paid to be first on the list. On that note, I routinely find other spy removal software on the list of items to be removed by Ad-Aware and Spybot. That type is the worst, because the plug in or update is ad based software that allows them to install software on your computer. I have seen cases where after playing games, there are game icons all over the desktop and every time you start your computer, you have to cancel out of a full screen window showing you the games and ads.

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